Who's behind this juggling seminar?

About Me

I' m Burkhard Schmidt, known as THE GREAT BAGATELLO. Since 1986 I have been on the road at Europe's events. I am known as Germany's No. 1 shell game player.

Besides performing, I love to teach. For over 13 years I taught courses in juggling, pantomime and acting for young people and adults at the Jugendkunstschule in Unna. Currently I am booked for workshops when my special skills are required.

Why this juggling course?

A few years ago, I did tours through shopping centers with a colleague. We were in each mall for one week from Monday to Saturday. In addition to our own shows, our job was to rehearse a show with children who randomly happened to be in the mall, to be shown in the mall on Saturday.  Every day we had one hour to rehearse the show. It was supposed to be a complete program, with juggling, acrobatics, tightrope walking and clown acts. But, guess what, the same kids weren't there every day. When I was learning to juggle by myself, it took me more than one week to be able to juggle with three balls.  We didn't have that time to teach our students in the mall. 
Therefore, we had to develop a technique with which the children could learn to juggle in the shortest possible time.

The success was impressive.
Never before have I seen children and adults learn to juggle so quickly. I have developed this technique even further and the best of it you will find in this course.


Learning to juggle with ease
Learning to juggle with ease