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First Benefit

The technique taught in this juggling course for beginners was developed under enormous pressure to succeed. The challenge lay in the extremely short time frame in which students were to be taught to juggle. Therefore, this course is structured in such a way that from the very first moment a basis is created where no mistakes are trained. Each step builds on the previous one and enables safe juggling from the first to the third ball.

Second Benefit

The focus: This course is not a general juggling course, but is focused only on the beginning. This will give you a secure base to build on.

Third Benefit

Simplicity: Complicated is not synonymous with good. For your first juggling steps, the simplicity of the exercises is important. Simplicity comes from sensible structure and easily accessible learning steps. Did you know that if you can juggle one ball, you have already grasped the entire juggling pattern?

Fourth Benefit

You'll get two more lessons to go along with the three-ball juggling videos:

  1. Bonus video: juggling scarves
  2. Bonus video: How to make your own juggling balls

An Overview of the Lessons:

7 Lessons PLUS 2 Boni


Lesson 1


A brief overview of what to expect and why gravity is great.


Lesson 2


An overview of the different juggling utensils.

Which equipment is suitable for beginners?


Lesson 3

Warm Up

Get to know a useful warm-up. This will help you reduce fatigue and prevent injuries to joints and muscles.


Lesson 4

Body and hand posture

These are elementary for learning the three-ball juggling easily and quickly.

Get to know "cup" and "saucer".


Lesson 5

The Juggling Pattern / One Ball

Get to know this intelligent juggling pattern.
We start with the first ball.


Lesson 6

2 balls and mistake correction

Now it gets exciting: The second ball comes in pattern.
You learn how to avoid mistakes.


Lesson 7

The climax / The 3-ball juggling

The third ball comes into play. Learn the correct throwing position of the hands and complete your juggling.




Bonus 1

Scarves juggling

Learn to juggle with three scarves.


Bonus 2

Make juggling balls.

These handmade juggling balls have the ideal size and the perfect weight.

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